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Our Vision
At Zara Consult we are passionate about providing exceptionally high levels of service and care to our customers, who share our philosophy of working together with trust and mutual respect, to help them achieve their goals. We believe this is the key to our success and that of our customers and what sets us apart from our competitors. Our employees are proud to be part of the firm’s excellent reputation in the professional and business community and share the same values of working together in a professional manner, with the highest ethical standards and a strong customer care brand.
At Zara Consult we believe in the personal touch, strong client relationships and personally tailored solutions. We realize no two businesses are the same. So whether your business is a start-up or a multi-national, we focus to help you achieve your goals. We aim to service our clients with the highest standards, strictly observing Bulgarian and European legislation and protecting their interests. Our major assets are Our Clients and Our Team. At Zara Consult it’s not just about profit and loss statements and balance sheets – it’s about people and relationships!
Our Focus
Our focus is to add value to your business or to you as a private client. We have built our reputation on our continued success as advisers to privately owned business and we focus our services and skills to suit your needs. We know and understand the sorts of issues you face and we will be there to support you from day one. We will work with you to make things happen and help grow your business. At Zara Consult we are ambitious to be better tomorrow than we are today!
Our Values
Our values represent principles we are committed to and they define who we are and how we behave. We believe our business is special, and as we continue on our journey we want to retain the strengths of our culture that make us successful, different and an enjoyable place to work.
Ethics come before profit. We’re loyal to our principles, our colleagues and our profession.
We treat our clients’ challenges as our own.
We do what we say we will do. When we promise to do something, it gets done.
Respect for individuals
We support and respect each other, and help each other to achieve our full potential.
Cultural diversity
Difference is something we celebrate.
We always think independently, and in our roles as accountants, auditors and advisors we always act independently.
We are in this for the long-term. We learn from the past but look to the future.
Our Approach
In Zara Consult we are more than just chartered accountants, business advisors and tax consultants but an extension of your team.
As one of the largest independent firms for Accounting and Business Services in Bulgaria, we offer a variety of professional services, up-to-the-minute technical expertise and personal advice to help you achieve your business and personal goals.
Great communication is the key to our approach. We invest time to get to know our customers individually, build relationships and understand their personal and business needs and goals. We explain our services clearly, carry them out effectively and price them to represent value to the customer. We are known for doing what we say and doing it when our customers need it.
Whether you are a corporate or individual client you are assigned a personal consultant, who gets to know you and your business inside out. You talk, we listen. Then we advise, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions that would benefit you and your company.
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