Christopher Mechelewski
Finance Director Central Europe
Parkridge Central & Eastern Europe
Atrium Tower – 11th Floor, Al. Jana Paw³a II 25,00-854
Warsaw, Poland
“Zara Consulting has provided a range of services for Parkridge since
These services include the following:
  • Accounting – preparation of statutory & UK GAAP financial statements
  • Tax efficient financing structures & on- going tax reporting & compliance
  • Managing VAT recovery process
  • Land transaction support services
  • Strategy & operations consultations
  • Human capital advisory

“We have outsourced these services in a number of territories in CEE (Czech, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovakia & Ukraine) & Zara Consulting has provided Parkridge with the highest level of services & professionalism.
Deadlines were always kept. The thing that stands out in the services provided by Zara is the pro-activeness of the team, who are always providing you with advice on all our aspects of business activities, which for us was crucial in this new market.
Services were provided efficiently & accurately and were verified by Parkridge local management, Group Auditors & local tax authorities ( all VAT recovery amounts were obtained from Tax office in a timely manner, which for Bulgaria is very unusual)
As stated above the level of services provided by Zara exceeded our expectations & all our business needs were satisfied.“

Alessandro Pumilia
Trust 4 Trust
Via Somaini 9 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

— How long did ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ provide services to your organisation?
— Since 4/5 years
— What services did ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ provide to your organisation?
— All related to set up our business in Bulgaria + day by day management of the company (tax advisory, accountability, tax declaration, VAT issues, contract drafting, legal issues and all problems with local administrations and licences). In one world: One stop Office for us.
— Were you happy with the service ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ provided?
— Of course and believe it is not so easy to find one so quick and efficient in Bulgaria
— Were ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ very responsive / did they provide services in a quick & efficient manner?
— Every time
— Were the services ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ provided correct / accurate?
— I can promise you
— Would you request the services of ‘Zara Consult Ltd’ again in the future?
— We still are their clients and we are happy
— Any other comments you may have on ‘Zara Consult Ltd’?
— Flexible, precise and fast (in a Country like Bulgaria it’s very important).
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