• Company incorporation
  • Registration of overseas companies’ “branch office” in Cyprus
  • Company management: Directorship and company secretarial services
  • Tax treaties and planning
  • Back office management and support: Office and secretarial services
  • Opening and administration of bank accounts
  • Accounting and payroll
Company Formation Cyprus
Introduction to Incorporation Cyprus
Although Cyprus is no longer the offshore tax haven that it used to be before the EU came calling, it remains a dream destination for many foreign investors considering company formation Cyprus. An efficient and sophisticated business environment, coupled with corporate income tax of just 10%, help to explain the pull. If you are considering setting up a Cypriot company then please contact us and we’ll do the rest.
What are the other factors that make company registration Cyprus so attractive?
The island has double-taxation treaties with 44 other countries, including most of the high-tax countries in Western Europe, and many states in Central and Eastern Europe. As a low-tax centre, this makes Cyprus a particularly effective location for companies aimed at emerging markets. On top of this, the economy is strong and stable, and business costs are generally low.
What about offshore companies?
A company incorporated in Cyprus is not considered to be a tax resident of Cyprus if it is not managed and controlled in Cyprus. A Cyprus company not managed and controlled in Cyprus is expected to have the majority of the directors to reside outside Cyprus and to hold Board Meetings outside Cyprus.
Companies incorporated in Cyprus but not tax residents of Cyprus are subject to zero taxation in Cyprus.
What are the main types of Company Formation Cyprus?
Most investors choose one of the following incorporation Cyprus formats:
  • Limited company
  • Cyprus branch
  • Partnership
What are the main features of a limited company?
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • Number of shareholders must be between one and fifty
  • Company must have at least one director
  • Annual accounts must be filed in Greek and audited
Incorporation Cyprus. What are the main features of a branch?
  • Foreign parent responsible for all liabilities of Cypriot branch
  • Branch required to register with Registrar of Companies’ accounts to be filed annually, in Greek
What is the regulatory environment like?
Far more strict than it was until 2003, certainly as far as offshore companies are concerned. Before then, the Government applied the lightest of touches, and offshore companies paid no corporation tax at all. Today the island remains a business-friendly low-tax centre for those considering company registration Cyprus- with 10% corporation tax and low treaty withholding tax rates – but regulatory requirements are now on a par with many other EU states. Our legal and tax experts can help you steer clear of the rocks: all you need to do is contact us for friendly help and advice on the many benefits of company formation Cyprus.
And what about banking facilities for those wishing to set up a Cypriot company?
Cyprus is an important regional investment centre and has developed sophisticated international banking facilities to support it. Many major international banks have branches here, together with local commercial banks, and the financial system, supervised by the Bank of Cyprus, is robust. For assistance in opening a bank account in Cyprus, please contact us for further details.
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