BPO`s future in Bulgaria

For many years now, European companies have been torn between the high costs of outsourcing customer service in onshore locations and the low service levels from time to time in offshore jurisdictions.

Nowadays, this is changing rapidly, when many companies discovering Eastern Europe as a perfect location for outsourcing customer service and more precisely – Bulgaria, which is now one of the leading providers of business process outsourcing services in Europe.

 Why Bulgaria?

  • great tax benefits;
  • very low business costs;
  • government incentives to attract foreign investors;
  • low rental and real estate costs
  • The quality of premises is pretty good compared to Europe, and the cost of utilities is low as well;
  • Labour costs in Bulgaria are some of the lowest in Europe. The employers in Bulgaria pay 5-8 times less compared to other European countries;
  • quality of the labour force in Bulgaria is very good. Big investors in Bulgaria benefit from social security contribution exemption, and they may benefit from low to 0% profit tax.

During the years, Zara Consult, had the opportunity to work as subcontractor of leading BPO providers and to establish stable collaborations.  

What we do as a subcontractor:

  • calculation of net payroll (wages, bonuses, allowances), submission of employer and employee taxes, payslips to the employees;
  • Cost saving – due to lower labor and business cost.
  • Quality of labor force – high ratio of educated, experienced and well trained professionals, fluent in English language.
  • Remote access – Bulgaria has one of the fastest internet connection in the world;
  • Preferable tax regime (companies with business activities in Bulgaria benefit from the lowest tax rates within EU. Total tax burden of 10%);

In the recent years Bulgaria has established itself as one of the most preferred jurisdictions for BPO industry.  

Overall, the BPO industry will continue its rapid growth caused by the economic, political or social challenges, which the companies face over the past few years. However, countries such as Bulgaria have managed to establish themselves as suitable options for providing outsourcing services.

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