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Basic Facts
Population7.4 million
Total area110 879 sq. km
Time zoneEET (UTC+2)
Government typeParliamentary Democracy
Fixed exchange rate€ 1 = BGN 1.95583
EU membersince 2007
NATO membersince 2004
WTO membersince 1996
Government deficit (% of GDP)-2.1%
Government debt (% of GDP)26.7%
Moody`sBaa2 stable
S&PBB + stable
FitchBBB – Stable

Why Bulgaria

You need to set up a new business or to invest in Bulgaria or you just want to benefit from the lowest taxation within the EU?
In the last few years Bulgaria became one of the most favourable business destinations in Europe. International companies and foreign investors benefit from the lowest Tax System in the EU.

What are the benefits of a company in Bulgaria?
Tax Benefits
Most favourable Tax Regime within the EU. Corporate Profit tax (flat) – 10%. Personal Income Tax (flat) – 10%. Lowest Social Security Contributions in EU. Bulgarian legislation is completely synchronized with the EU legislation. Government policy is focused on building a favourable business climate for foreign investors.
Fast and Easy Procedures
It takes only several days to register a new company in Bulgaria. The minimal start-up capital is only 1 EUR. International VAT registration takes up to 10 days. Less rules compared to Western Europe.
Banking Facilities
The biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria. Perfect E-banking facilities. Stable and secure Bank system.
Double Tax Avoidance
Bulgaria has signed Double Taxation Treaties with 70 countries all over the world.
Political Stability
Safe and stable democratic jurisdiction. Low crime rate, no ethnic tensions. Full member of the EU, WTO and NATO. Second lowest government debt in the EU. Government policy is also focused on building a favourable business climate for foreign investors.
Less Financial Risk
The local currency Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is fixed to the EUR (1 EUR = 1.9 BGN) since 1998. Bulgaria is expected to introduce the EUR as its official currency in 2017.
Low Business Costs
The lowest business costs in the EU. Very affordable rents, excellent value for real estate. Low cost of utilities.
Investment Opportunities
Less restrictions and less administrative procedures. Investors class A are granted with Corporate Profit Tax up to 0%. Bulgaria is rated as one of the best destinations in Europe to develop outsourcing activities.
Lowest Labour Cost in the EU
Highly trained and qualified employees. English is widely spoken.
Perfect Location
Situated on the main road between Europe and Asia and in the centre of the Balkan Peninsular, Bulgaria is more than a good business choice. There are 4 Pan-European transport corridors that cross the country and make their connection in Sofia. You are in Europe and in 3 hours in Brussels, London or Paris.
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